Sunday, February 15, 2009


I've not been updating this for a while now....
In January i went for 2 sessions in the Cheras pool... mephisto was there to accompany me.
Total laps we did as 30.

Recently I finally bought the same type of bag that Johnny had to store his fins... he is using the same fins as i am btw...

Beuchat Mundail Competition

Unfortunately the Beuchat distributor in Malaysia did not carry the bag to store this...
Thanks to Johnny tiresome checking he managed to find a Mares Apnealogy bag which fits our fins... which might i add the only one available in Malaysia.

My bag actually don't look so good. Its yellow and grey.. what a lousy colour.. but that was the only one left........ God why does apnea diving in Malaysia is so slow...

One more thing is that my Freediving Recording project has been put on hold cause of work commitments. But when the east coast season opens i'll definately get back onto it.

1st starting with the pool and MAYBE who knows..... free immersion, no limits??

On a personal note ..
So far i managed to do DNF(Dynamic without Fins) at 30m now.. previously it was at 25m
While my DYN (Dynamic with Fins) is still at 50m... i just need to get past that now.

Interestingly I did some CNF (Constant Weight without Fins) exercise in the pool and manged 5m. Now to do that in the ocean.. that's my next challenge.

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