Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tenggol October 2008

Wow... I finally returned to Tenggol after 6 long years...

Man how i missed the strong currents of Tenggol.

The 1st dive was at Tanjung Gemok, and it didn't dissapoint me as the current was strong and I had a wonderful drift. I was slightly underweight as I gave 1 piece of weight to a diver who had trouble staying down. But other than that I was great fun.

Waters was quite clear, through out the whole trip waters was between 10m to 25m visiblity.

Unfortunately we didn't go to the Highway. I did not insist on it as there were quite a few new divers onboard.

I must return, but this time with twins there. And the Highway is a MUST DO!!!

More pictures of the trip are here:

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