Tuesday, April 21, 2009

OW student in Tenggol

I must say that this was one hell of an experience for me. I've never seen in my 15 years of diving and 5 years of teaching such students. I guess the saying that "There are all kinds of people out there in the world" would stay true in my brain.

I was team teaching with Ahmat Scubatex with 3 students. Brandon, Elaine and Lai Yin.

Initially my worry was Elaine cause prior to the pool session I conducted in March, she was basically dipping in water at baby pools....... well maybe 4 ft pools. So the confined water session took me 4 hours... Yes it is now the record. 4 hours of confined water session, though most of it was basic swimming techniques and helping her overcome her fear. But the good thing was Alvin, her "friend" was there to give some encouragement. She managed to complete the 300m snorkel swim and I managed to bring her down to 5m plus complete all the mask exercises..


So naturally i was concern about her and told ahmat that I would be concentrating on her alone. But it did not happen so, though i believe that it was a good reason as well. She was given a chance to learn from 2 instructors instead of 1. Therefore we were using different techniques to educate.

Over the course of 4 days, it was full of drama. From swimming to the shore from the boat docking point , to endless barrage of sand flies and the drama queen, nicknames of obscene and racist levels, load of IOU for ice creams and weird moments.. I would say i had fun, which is the most important thing.

So at the end of the trip, I am adding 2 more Open Water Divers to my list of students. Elaine and Brandon, cause i was the instructor who conducted the last open water dive. Lai Yin will be certified by Ahmat (not because he is better looking that me OK!)

Last but not least to the Pornstar..... stop swimming so fast and stop leaving a trail of dust. I know for sure David will piggyback on you... maybe doggystyle as well.... lol
And stop screaming (moaning) underwater

Lai Yin you owe me 1 ice cream....hahahaha

Brandon you are alright, just do more bungie jumping. If you want you can go sky diving, I'll hook you up.

Elaine, you did ok. Very different from the 1st time you don a scuba gear in the pool.

From left to right: Lai Yin, Elaine, Brandon, Ahmat scubatex

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