Thursday, September 4, 2008

Static Apnea at 1.9m

Static Apnea, well sort of larr... I did use my Mundial Competition but stayed between 1.5 to a max of 1.9m for 1.32 min.
But I must say I am very impressed at the sampling rate of this D4. So I can see my entire profile of 1.32 min on every second. Not forgetting there is a graph as well.
Next trip, I've got to see how deep this thing will record.


princessladyjane said...

hey ya... guess who i am?

the girl who asked for your blogsite when we met in perhentian on raya holidays...


Nice knowing u people...

hope we can dive again one day... even though im still new and always panic for no reason... lol...

take care... n say hi to everyone for me... :D

THe Bandito said...

yes i
i've decided to use facebook to upload all my future pictures.
do add me at teohkimseng {at}